Our first meeting will be a mutual opportunity to see how comfortable we feel about working together. Here we learn how appropriate Body Psychotherapy may be for you as you will have the chance to air your issues and I will offer a flavour of what the psychotherapy will be like.

There is no obligation after this first meeting – we will only arrange further sessions if we both want to do so.
If we do, we will establish a regular day and time for that appointment.


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Sessions last 50 mins. Typically we will see each other once a week, although twice weekly or more is not uncommon, and is a decision we will negotiate and make together if it is appropriate.

Short term psychotherapy is best suited for focussed work on one or two issues. The length of our work together will be negotiated and defined between us. I consider short term work to constitute between 6 and 12 sessions.

Long term work is open ended. This may seem a daunting idea but a deep and fulfiling exploration of the many influences on our lives takes time and patience. Long term psychotherapy is about the forging of a relationship between the therapist and client, a collaborative effort between us toward a greater understanding of your issues. Only by demonstrating a commitment to share in the highs and lows of the therapeutic relationship can any real value be found in counselling.


A preliminary assessment session is £50.
The price of subsequent sessions is arranged during that consultation.
Fees are £50 – £70 per session thereafter, negotiated relative to your income. I do offer some concessionary rates.
I take appointments from Monday to Friday, including evenings.


I am based in central Brighton – see contact details