About me

I am an Integrative Body Psychotherapist, which means I work with a wide range of psychotherapeutic theories.

My interest in this area of psychotherapy grew as a response to my initial experience of being a client in a more traditional, talking psychotherapy. As my therapeutic journey continued, I had a sense that my body wanted to be more included in the process. This led me to explore and reclaim the body into what is now understood as ‘body psychotherapy’.
There are a number of different approaches which come under the umbrella term of body psychotherapy. Eventually I found the Chiron Centre for Body Psychotherapy which offered what I was looking for – a training in a variety of different body psychotherapy approaches integrated with the core psychodynamic psychotherapy. This is where I qualified.

As my practice and experience developed, the significance and use of Relational Psychotherapy in my work has increased although Body Psychotherapy and it’s many applications underpins my approach. As previously explained, in more recent years I have become increasingly aware of neuro-diversity and what on an individual level this might mean in my practice.

In my work, I try to be warm, real, spontaneous and connected with my clients. I feel privileged to learn about my clients’ unique way of making sense of the world. I offer a safe space to meet, reflect and think about life, acknowledging our individual ways of being and thinking. And importantly, help my clients’ feel I am alongside them in the journey during the therapeutic process.

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I gained my Diploma in Integrative Body Psychotherapy at the Chiron Centre for Body Psychotherapy in London. This training school closed in 2007 however many of it’s trainers continue to teach Body Psychotherapy at various other Psychotherapy training institutions eg The Minster Centre and the Cambridge School of Body Psychotherapy.

Information about Relational Psychotherapy can be found at the Relational School.

I am a member of the Body Psychotherapy Network.

I am a member of the UKAHPP which is a member association of the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

I am fully accredited by UKCP.

I am a member of the European Association for Body Psychotherapy.

I carry full insurance.

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